Hi all. 

Long time since the last update, I know.  There have been some major changes and I want to make sure that we get the word out to everybody.   As you all know, table counts have remained low since the pandemic. This has resulted in a drain on our treasury. The impact has been so extreme that we have had to look at measures to maintain our viability. If we do nothing, the club will become defunct before the end of the year. So, we have had to make several changes to expenses and revenue. The one that affects you all is an increase in card fees. Our card fees are the lowest of any club in the valley. We are forced to increase our fees by $1 per player per game. So, our fees will be $4.00 for members and $6.00 for guests. There will continue to be an extra dollar charged for special games. This increase will still keep us the lowest priced club in the valley and will have the added benefit of keeping our revenue and expenses balanced. This change goes into effect on June 1. The impact on our member discount cards is that to purchase a new card will cost $70. This will maintain the member discount while increasing the card fees. Current discount cards held by members will be honored until they are used up. New cards will be sold to new members and members whose cards are depleted for $70 beginning June 1.

There are several positive changes that have been enacted.   First, Wendy Olson has agreed to act as our partnership chair. Wendy will work with me to develop a pool of players we can call on to find partners for anyone who needs one. So, if you need a partner, contact Wendy Olson by phone at 406-230-3041 or email at olsonW1@hotmail.com. Wendy will actively work at finding you a partner.

The board has decided that we will remain open for all 3 games for the summer. We will play all 3 days. However, if the table counts for any of the 3 days dips below 5 tables for 2 weeks in a row, that game will be closed down for the remainder of the summer. Several people have mentioned to me that they really don't want us to close any of our games for the summer. So, we are maintaining our schedule. Hopefully, we will have sufficient attendance to maintain the schedule for the whole season.

We need to have an education program developed. I will work on developing the program and will teach the beginning lessons in January. We will add further lessons as the program becomes more developed. If anybody has suggestions of lessons they would like to see offered, please reach out to me and let me know your ideas. I am very excited about the development of an education program and hope that it will not only introduce new players to the game but also maybe help increase our club membership.

The last thing I need to address is that my role as President of the club will be ending on December 31. I have been President for five years and it's time for some new blood. So, please think about who we might nominate for President at the December membership meeting. Anybody who has interest in running and would like information on the duties and responsibilities of being President, please reach out to me. If you can't do it but know of somebody who would make a good addition to the board, please let a current board member know.

I am looking forward to the future of the club. I think these changes are positives steps at maintaining our club and expanding our membership going forward.

See you the tables!!

Jill Estrada