Sun City Duplicate Bridge Club
          Notes from the Pres

Greetings to all of our players, both members and guests.

We are happy to inform you that we will be reopening the SCDBC at Lakeview on Monday, June 7.   The RCSC has determined it to be safe to reopen their facilities on Monday, May 17, 2021.   June 7th gives us time to get prepared to open. We will be running the same schedule: Monday, Thursday and Friday at 1:00pm  All players to be present by 12:45pm

To provide a playing facility that is as safe as possible, we will be providing hand sanitizer and face masks.   Although we are not making the wearing of a mask mandatory, we do highly suggest that all players wear one.

  The tables will be spread a minimum of 11’ from center as the ACBL has specified. 

  There will be no food in the playing room.   You can bring your own personal bottles of water or other beverages.   If you bring your own lunch, you will need to eat it outside of the playing site.

We ask that if you intend to play, you inform us by email at  We are trying to determine how many tables we will have each day.   If it appears that we will have three or fewer tables, we will suspend play for that day.   Therefore, it is highly suggested that you email each day you intend to play.  Once we know that our table counts are stable at more than 3 tables, we will stop the requirement to inform us of your intent to play. 

We need directors.   We only have one director at this time.  We have a few substitute directors whom we will utilize to maintain play.   If any of you have director certification or are interested in getting certified to direct, please reach out to Dan Parish 623-518-7916.

We also would like help in making the boards.  We had a few people who made them for us before and we hope that they will come back but it is good to have several.

See you at the tables!!

Your SCDBC Board of Directors

Jill Estrada, Bob Snead, Elise Parish, Wayne Kooiker, Jo Harris and Paul Weader